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Jake Paul also known by his nickname The Problem Child, is an American professional boxer YouTuber, comedian, actor, and rapper. Jake Paul has a net worth of $30 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He originally gained recognition on Vine and the television show Bizaardvark.

According to Forbes, Jake is the world’s second-highest-paid YouTube star in 2022 with total earnings of $45 million. He has about 20.4 million subscribers and 941 videos which have accumulated a total of about 7.2 billion views.

Jake was born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland to Pamela Stepnick and Gregory Paul. He’s the younger brother to YouTuber Logan Paul. So, how did Jake Paul start, and how does he make and spend his millions?

Career beginnings

Jake Paul began his social media career in 2013 by posting funny videos on Vine. He was later banned from the platform and created a YouTube channel in 2014 which features video pranks as well as his music videos. After gaining popularity on YouTube, Jake was hired to play a role in the tv series Bizaardvark which aired on Disney Channel from June 2016 to April 2019. Paul was however fired from the show in the middle of filming the second season.

Jake Paul began his musical career in 2017 together with a group of other artists called Team 10. Together with the group, he released his first single named It’s Everyday Bro on May 30, 2017. The song’s music video had more than 70 million views on YouTube within a month and became the 3rd most disliked video on the platform. Later that year, Jake released other tracks including “No competition”, “Litmas”, “Ohio Fried Chicken”, “Jerika”, and “That Ain’t on the News”. He then deleted the singles for unknown reasons.

Jake Paul went on to release more tracks with Team 10 including the track “Randy Savage” which was released on May 24, 2018. Paul and the group also organized a tour across the United States in 2018 where they performed their songs. Team 10 disbanded by the end of 2018 after all the members left.

At the beginning of 2019, Jake released the single “I’m Single”. Towards the end of that year, he released another single titled “These Days” which he deleted from music streaming platforms within a few months. He also formed a new group that featured artists such as Lauren Dascalo, Mikahl Caci, and Adam Quinn.

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Boxing career

Jake Paul began his amateur boxing career on August 25, 2018. Together with his brother Logan Paul, Jake fought and defeated KSI and his brother Deji Olatunji in a pair amateur match. Jake began his professional boxing career on January 30, 2020, in a match against YouTuber AnEsonGib. Paul won the fight through TKO in the first round. On November 28, 2020, Jake won his second professional fight via KO against Nate Robinson, a former basketball player.

In April 2021 the boxer defeated Ben Askren via TKO in round one. So far Paul has fought a total of 5 professional fights and has won all of them, four via knockout and one by split decision. He has also featured in films such as Mainstream (2020), Airplane Mode (2019), and Dance Camp (2016).

How does Jake Paul make his millions?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Jake Paul has an estimated net worth of $30 million. According to Forbes, Jake Paul earned a total of $45 million last year making him the world’s 2nd best paid YouTube star after MrBeast who made $54 million. Most of Paul’s earnings came from his three boxing victories in 2021, one against Ben Askren and two against Tyron Woodley.

Forbes reports that he pocketed a combined $40 million before taxes from the three fights and earned $5 million from other sources such as his YouTube videos. In 2018 he was also one of the highest-paid YouTubers with total earnings of $21.5 million.

The millionaire owns a boxing promotion company called Most Valuable Promotions. With over 19 million followers on Instagram, the 25-year-old is one of the best-paid influencers on the platform. According to Hopper HQ, he pockets about $65,500 for every sponsored post on Instagram. Jake’s other income streams include short-term endorsement deals with brands such as DraftKings and BoohooMan as well as NFTs and his online shop.

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How does Jake Paul spend his millions?

Real estate

In 2021 Jake Paul bought a new home near Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico for an estimated $10 million. The property which was built in 2018 is split up into the main house that features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a guest house that features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It has 13,288 square feet of living space, a wine cellar, a resort-style pool, a spa, and a private golf course directly in the backyard.

Before buying his Puerto Rico home, Jake Paul owned a mansion in Calabasas, Los Angeles. He bought the property in 2017 for about $6.9 million and sold it for $6.15 million. The 15,000 square foot mansion featured eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a spa, a wine closet, a pool with multiple waterfalls, two barbeque pits, and a Tesla charging station. Before moving into the Calabasas mansion, Jake was renting a home in West Hollywood for about $17,000 every month.

Jake Paul’s former home in Calabasas, Las Vegas which he sold for $6.15 million in 2021
Cars, gifts, and wedding

Jake Paul loves cars. He owns a Lamborghini Huracan Performante which costs anywhere from $250,000, as well as a Tesla Model X which costs about $143,000. Jake once bought his girlfriend Tana a $145,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for her birthday. He also purchased a Cadillac Deville as a gift for his best friend Chad and a Harley-Davidson for his dad.

During his 21st birthday, the boxer bought himself a $100,000 Diamond Audemars watch which is covered in 18.5 karat diamonds and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. The YouTuber also gifted his mother a $20,000 Rolex watch. Paul reportedly paid Gucci Mane $250,000 for a feature in the remix of “It’s Everyday Bro” in November 2017.

On July 28, 2019, Jake Paul married his then-girlfriend Tana in Las Vegas. According to The Richest, the wedding cost an estimated $500,000. Jake chartered a private jet to fly all the guests of honor to Armani Azadi’s mansion in Vegas where the event was taking place. Tana’s wedding ring allegedly cost $300,000 while her engagement ring cost $125,000.

In one of his videos, Jake filmed a whole group of people jumping off the roof of a truck onto a trampoline. He reportedly bought the truck along with the trampoline in order to film the video. He also bought a BMW just to crash it with his truck.

The YouTuber is known to use high-end cameras to shoot his YouTube videos. One of his devices is a Sony a7s Mark 2 camera which costs not less than $2,500. The Richest estimates that his filming and editing equipment is worth about $10,000.

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Jake Paul is no stranger to controversies. On 3 January 2018, the YouTuber uploaded a video titled I lost my virginity. The video’s thumbnail had Paul posing half-naked with his then-lover Erika Costell while on top of each other. The video was criticized for being undesirable for his younger viewers and was age-restricted by YouTube. Paul later used another thumbnail with both him and his girlfriend fully dressed and not touching one another.

Jake Paul is a lover of parties. While living in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles, Paul was the subject of a public nuisance lawsuit by his neighbors. He made his address public which attracted huge crowds of his fans to his residence, something that his neighbors were not very happy about. They complained of noise from his parties, pranks, fire hazards, and the huge crowds of his fans, an issue that led to Paul’s dismissal from the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark.

On July 11, 2020, Paul threw a huge party at his mansion in the Las Vegas city of Calabasas. He organized the party in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 disease and the attendants did not observe any social distancing or wear masks. Paul was criticized for holding the party amidst the pandemic with the mayor of Calabasas Alicia Weintraub vowing to penalize the YouTube star and the party attendees.

Personal life

Jake Paul began dating American model Julia Rose in January 2020. They had an on-and-off relationship until March 2022 when they broke up. Jake also dated Tana Mongeau, a fellow American YouTuber from April 2019 to January 2020. After dating for two months, the couple reportedly got engaged in June 2019 and had a wedding in Las Vegas on July 28 that same year.

Tana stated that the wedding was just for fun and for content. In November 2016 Jake began dating Alissa Violet, a fellow American YouTuber. They broke up in February 2017. He then dated American model Erika Costell from April to November 2018.


Jake Paul has a net worth of about $30 million. Paul got his start on Vine and YouTube. In 2018 he began his professional boxing career and has had five boxing victories so far. Last year he earned a total of $45 million with most of those earnings coming from boxing. Below are a few quotes by Jake Paul.

  • “I had to overcome bullies and other people who didn’t like me and tormented me. I overcame those things with positive affirmations and setting goals. When I would set goals, I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of me breaking them. As I found success, a lot of those things subsided and became less important.”
  • “Nobody’s life is perfect, and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations.”
  • “I got invited to the White House, and I tried to sleep there overnight without permission. The Secret Service came to my house, and I had to talk to them. They legally couldn’t do anything because I didn’t do anything wrong, but they yelled at me like a principal.”
  • “You can become whoever you want to be. You can do what you want to do.”
  • “I work harder than every single person I know, and the only person that is on the same level as me is my brother. If you look at the top social media stars, it’s me and him. I think that’s our advantage. We’re not the prettiest; we’re not even the funniest, we’re not the wittiest, whatever it is.”

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