Kim Kardashian Net Worth

As of 2022 Kim Kardashian net worth is estimated to be about $1.8 billion. She’s currently the 24th richest self-made woman in the United States. She’s also ranked at #1278 on the list of the world’s wealthiest.

The former wife of Kanye West joined the billionaires club last year after Forbes estimated her wealth to be more than $1 billion.

Kim whose full name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian West is an American entrepreneur, model, actress, media personality, and socialite. She gained media attention in 2002 after a sex tape of her and her then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked.

The majority of Kim’s wealth comes from her cosmetics company KKW Beauty as well as her brand of shapewear known as Skims. The rest of her wealth comes from reality television, endorsement deals as well as some other smaller investments.

The billionaire’s wealth has skyrocketed over the past few years mainly because of the success of KKW Beauty and Skims. In 2014 she was worth just $45 million. In July 2018 her net worth was about $350 million and reached over $1 billion by April 2021.

So how did Kim Kardashian start and how did she get so wealthy?

Kim was born on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles California. His father, Robert George Kardashian (who died in 2003 of Cancer) was an attorney and her mother is a media personality and socialite. Kim’s parents divorced in 1991 when she was 11.

Kim Kardashian attended Marymount High School in Los Angeles.

How did Kim Kardashian become a billionaire?

Kim Kardashian first ventured into business in 2006 when she opened a boutique in Calabasas, California together with her two sisters. The business was named DASH and ended up opening 2 more stores in Miami Beach and New York.

After 11 years of operation, the business stopped operations as the sisters wanted to pursue individual business ventures.

In 2007 Kim Kardashian began to appear on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that aired on E!. In 2021 the show ended after running for 20 seasons with 294 episodes. It’s reported that Kim Kardashian used to earn $15,000 per episode when the show began and by the time it ended, she used to make about $500,000 per episode.

The actress has also appeared in films such as Temptation: Confessions of a Counselor (2013), Deep in the Valley (2009) and Disaster Movie (2008).

In 2014, Kim Kardashian net worth was just $45 million. She released a mobile game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” for iPhone and Android users. Players in the game aim to gain more fans in order to increase their celebrity rankings. Within 4 months the game had more than 20 million players and had brought in $43.4 million.

In 2015, Kim released an emoji pack for iOS devices known as Kimoji. The app provides users with a selection of more than 250 Kim-Kardashian-themed emojis and animated GIFs to use while messaging.

When Kimoji was launched it was downloaded 9000 times every second and made $1 million per minute. According to yahoo finance, the game generated revenues of about $200 million last year with Kim pocketing about 28% of it.

In the same year, she was reported to be the highest-paid reality television personality with her earnings totaling $53 million.

In 2017, Kim Kardashian launched KKW Beauty, a cosmetics company. This was after the success of Kylie Cosmetics, a beauty line founded by her half-sister Kylie Jenner. By 2018 KKW Beauty was bringing in about $100 million in revenue. In July the same year, Kim Kardashian net worth was about $350 million.

KKW Beauty sells beauty products such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, contour kits, fragrances, concealers among others. The company is valued at about $1 billion.

In 2020, Kim sold a 20% stake of KKW to Coty for $200 million. She owns about 72% of the company which is estimated to be more than $500 million.

In 2019, the billionaire launched Skims, a line of shapewear. Kim’s 35% stake in the shapewear company is equivalent to about $900 million. Forbes also estimates that the company could be worth more than $3 billion.

Skims is known for its bras, bodysuits, and loungewear. In 2021 the company’s sales jumped by 90% to $275 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s expected to bring in about $400 million in 2022.

With a lot of followers on social media Kim Kardashian pockets some good money for every post she makes on social media. In 2016 she was making between $75,000 to $300,000 for a single post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Today she makes anywhere from $1 million per post on Instagram where she has 284 million followers.

Kim also has some shares in Amazon, Disney, Netflix, and Adidas which were gifted to her for Christmas in 2007 by ex-husband Kanye West.

Vivid Entertainment paid Kim $5 million for leaking her sex tape. This was after the socialite filed a lawsuit against the company.

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How does Kim Kardashian spend her billions?

Kim Kardashian once bought a $750,000 black Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 for Kanye West as a gift for his 35th birthday.

According to TheThings Celebrity, the billionaire spent about $84,000 on plastic surgery which included a touch-up on her face which cost her about $26,000, and $37,000 for her booty.

During Kanye West’s 40th birthday celebration, Kim rented a whole private island in the Bahamas and spent close to $500,000 during the event.

The self-made billionaire also likes to have all sorts of luxurious amenities for her home. In 2013 Kim spent $923,000 on a savoir oil state bed made of Mongolian horsehair. She also has gold-plated toilets in her house which cost her about $750,000.

In 2017, Kim bought former first lady Jacqueline Onassis’s wristwatch for $395,000. The socialite was once spotted wearing a $6000 trench coat which she paired with a $3,995 Judith Leiber money bag while attending a party in Beverly Hills.

Kim and ex-husband Kanye West once donated $500,000 to support wildfire efforts. She also donates 10% of her income to different charities every year.

In 2019 Kim was spotted carrying one of the most expensive handbags a woman can own. The Hermes handbag costs anywhere between $11,000 and $35,000. The bags are so rare that you have to get an invitation to a Hermes boutique in order to buy one.

In 2019 Kim also offered to pay rent for an ex-inmate Mathew Charles for 5 years who was struggling to find a home.

In 2021 Kim Kardashian bought a customized silver Cadillac Escalade worth about $105,000. Kim’s car collection also includes a white $310,000 rolls Royce ghost, a black Mercedes-Benz g63 amg, a white Ferrari 458 Italia worth $230,000, and a black Rolls Royce ghost worth $310,000.

She also owns a $147,000 Mercedes-Benz g63 amg, a Lamborghini Aventador worth $400,000 among others.

Kim Kardashian wearing a $6000 money trenchcoat

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Personal Life

Kim Kardashian is a member of the Kardashian family and has 1 older sister, Kourtney, one younger brother Rob and one younger sister Khloe. She also has 3 stepbrothers (Burton, Brandon, and Brody), 1 step-sister (Casey), and 2 half-sisters (Kylie and Kendall Jenner).

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The socialite has been in 3 marriages so far. In 2000, when she was 19 years old, she got married to Damon Thomas, a music producer. They later divorced in 2003. She then dated musician Ray J. before getting married to former NBA player Kris Humpries in 2011. The marriage lasted only 72 days.

In April 2012, Kim Kardashian began a relationship with Kanye West. The two got married in May 2014, in a private ceremony in Italy. In February 2021, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West after being married for close to 7 years. Kanye and Kim cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their divorce. They have 4 children (North, West, Chicago, and Psalm).

The tv-personality has plans to become a lawyer by going through a law apprenticeship of 4 years with the help of Dream Cops Justice (#cut50), a legal nonprofit organization.

Kim Kardashian has stated that she’s a Christian.

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Despite growing up in a well up family, Kim Kardashian has definitely worked hard to get where she is. As KKW Beauty and Skims continue to thrive it is with no doubt that Kim Kardashian net worth will continue to rise. Finally, I have compiled a few quotes from Kim to inspire you.

  • “I think life is about being a kind person and making amazing memories.”
  • “But I think that I learned from my mistakes and I try to do better. I just live my life.”
  • “It’s so important to have a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, and insist on being treated with respect.”
  • “You make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets. I’m the kind of person who takes responsibility for it and deals with it. I learn from everything I do.”
  • “If I don’t like something that’s going on in my life, I change it. And I don’t sit and complain about it for a year.”
  • “…if you find something you’re really passionate about, figure out a way to make that your job.”
  • “You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.”
  • “Take a chance and don’t ever look back. Never have regrets, just lessons learned.”
  • “Obviously, as you grow up, no one’s ever 100 percent proud of every decision that they’ve made, and that’s OK. I think as long as you learn from your mistakes and don’t make them over and over again, you’re on the right path.”
  • “I’m an entrepreneur. ‘Ambitious’ is my middle name.”

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