Most Watched Tv Stations in Kenya

Citizen Tv tops the list of the most watched Tv stations in Kenya. This is according to the latest report by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK). Other media houses that occupy the top spots are KTN Home and NTV.

The Media Council of Kenya is an independent national institution that sets media standards as well as promotes and protects the independence of the media.

A total of 3,589 Kenyans from all 47 counties participated in the survey. These people were selected from different religions, age groups, income brackets, and levels of education. The survey was conducted in both rural and urban areas. It also involved both men and women.

The report also includes the most listened to radio stations, the newspapers that Kenyans mostly buy, the news websites that they mainly visit among other findings.

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Television stations in Kenya ranked according to viewership

Tv StationViewership
Citizen Tv78%
Ktn Home31%
Inooro Tv18%
Multichoice Africa Channels15%
Ktn News10%
Kameme Tv7%
Switch Tv4%
Kass Tv3%
Star Times3%
Kiss Tv3%
Other Channels42%

According to the report, people are not watching tv as much as they did in the past 2 years. 42% of the respondents said they do not watch tv.

In a similar survey done in 2019 and 2020, only 27% and 26% of the people interviewed said that they don’t watch tv.

Taking a look at how people watch tv in some of the regions in the country, 42% of people in the Coast region, 45% in the Nyanza region, 57% in the Western region, and about 60% of the people in the North-Eastern region do not watch anything on tv.

In the Central region, 23% of Kenyans watch tv for 1-2 hours every day, 24% watch 3-4 hours while 31% of the people in this region do not watch tv. However, the reasons why these people do not watch tv are not stated.

On a typical day, Kenyans watch 70% local TV content and 30% foreign TV content. The most watched content on TV includes news, entertainment, sports, and religious content.

Kenyans spend about 2 hours on a normal day watching tv. However, globally people spend an average of 3.5 hours watching tv every day.

About 64% of Kenyans watch tv with a free-to-air set-top box, 19% use paid options (Dstv, Zuku, StarTimes) while about 17% of Kenyans watch tv by streaming and using online platforms.


Radio Citizen leads the list of the favorite radio stations for Kenyans commanding 27% of the audience. It is followed by Radio Jambo (22%) and Kameme Fm (15%). The table below shows the amount of audience different radio stations command.

Radio StationAudience
Radio Citizen27%
Radio Jambo22%
Radio Maisha14%
Kbc Radio11%
Emoo Fm8%
Kass Fm7%
Ramogi Fm7%
Milele Fm5%
Taach Fm5%
West Fm5%
Chamge Fm4%
Kiss Fm3%
Kitwek Fm3%
Muuga Fm3%
Radio Maa3%
Classic 105 2%
Sulwe Fm2%
Musyi Fm2%

About 74% of Kenyans listen to the radio every day which translates to about 21 million people. Kenyans spend about 2 hours listening to the radio on a normal day.

People mainly listen to the radio for news and entertainment. 72% of Kenyans who listen to the radio follow local programs while 28% of the people listen to foreign content.

Unlike TV, the number of people who listen to the radio has not changed compared to the last time this kind of survey was done in 2020.

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59% of the Kenyans who read newspapers prefer the Daily Nation, 28% prefer the Standard Newspaper while the People Daily is used by about 5% of people.

According to the report, only 25% of the people who were interviewed read newspapers which translates to about 7 million Kenyans.

The main reasons why Kenyans buy newspapers are news, politics and sports, and adverts. 46% of the respondents use hard copy newspapers while 27% of them access the newspapers via the internet.

This table shows the command each newspaper has

Daily Nation59%
People Daily5%
Taifa Leo2%
The Nairobian1%
The coast daily0.3%
Business Daily0.1%

Internet and social media

According to the report, 35% of the people who participated in the survey said that they get their news from tv, while 31% get their news from the radio. 24% of the respondents get their news from social media, 4% from friends and family members while 3% from online news websites.

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Kenyans spend about 3 hours a day on social media while other social media users around the world spend an average of 2.5 hours per day. The majority of citizens go to social media mainly for entertainment. Networking and news are also other major reasons why folks use social media in Kenya.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube are the most used social media platforms in the country. 90% of the respondents access social media using smartphones while 34% use desktops. 10% of Kenyans use normal handsets while 2% of people use smart TVs.


It has been interesting to know the most watched tv stations in Kenya, which newspapers Kenyans read, which radio stations they listen to among other things.

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