These are the richest people in Colorado as of now

According to Forbes, there are 735 billionaires in the United States this year. Colorado is home to 11 of these billionaires — who have a combined net worth of $46.8 billion. The Golden State has the most billionaire residents with 186. It is followed by New York with 135, Florida and Texas with 78 and 67 respectively. Below is a list of the 11 richest people in Colorado and the state’s only billionaires. Wondering who’s the wealthiest woman in the state? Continue reading to find out.

1. Philip Anschutz

Net worth: $10.9 billion

Source of wealth: Investments

Global rank: #180

Residence: Denver, Colorado

Age: 82

He’s currently the richest man in the Centennial State, a title he has held since 2019. Anschutz owns companies that operate in a variety of industries including real estate, energy, sports, railroads, arenas, movies, newspapers, theatres, and music. He started off by buying his father’s drilling company Circle A Drilling in 1961 when he was just 22.

The billionaire solely owns the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL and has a stake in the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He also owns venues such as the Staples Center and The O2 Arena in London. Philip Anschutz is the 24th largest landowner in the United States with about 430,000 acres in Wyoming and Colorado.

2. Charles Ergen


Net worth: $8.7 billion

Source of wealth: Satellite TV

Global rank: #241

Residence: Denver, Colorado

Age: 69

Ergen was the richest man in Colorado for several years until 2019 when he was unseated by Philip Anschutz. In 2016, Forbes featured him on The Richest Person In America’s 50 largest cities list — as the wealthiest individual in Denver.

The billionaire has made his fortune from the satellite TV provider Dish Network and the satellite communications company EchoStar both of which he founded in 1980. He began by selling satellite dishes out of the back of a truck in Colorado.

3. John C. Malone

Net worth: $7.4 billion

Source of wealth: Cable television

Global rank: #321

Residence: Elizabeth, Colorado

Age: 81

With a net worth of $7.4 billion, John Malone is one of the richest people in Colorado. He’s also the largest landowner in the country with about 2.2 million acres across seven states including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Maine.

Malone is the former chief executive of cable and media giant Tele-Communications Inc (TCI), a position he held from 1973 to 1996. TCI was sold to AT&T in 1999 for more than $50 billion. He now owns the American mass media firm Liberty Media, the parent company for SiriusXM and the Atlanta Braves of the MLB. In 2017 Liberty Media acquired the auto-racing league Formula 1 for about $4.4 billion.

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4. Mark Stevens


Net worth: $4.5 billion

Source of wealth: Venture Capital

Global rank: #637

Residence: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Age: 62

The billionaire is a former partner at Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm that made early investments in PayPal, Yahoo!, Nvidia, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn among others. He also founded S-Cubed Capital through which he now funds startups. In 2013 he became a part-owner of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Before joining Sequoia, Stevens worked as a salesperson at Intel.

Mark Stevens is the 232nd wealthiest person in the United States and the 4th richest man in Colorado.

5. James Leprino

Net worth: $3.6 billion

Source of wealth: Cheese

Global rank: #822

Residence: Indian Hills, Colorado

Age: 84

In 1958, with about $600, James Leprino founded Leprino Foods, the world’s largest maker of mozzarella cheese — after the closure of his father’s grocery store where he worked after graduating from high school. Leprino Foods is the main supplier of cheese to Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, and Domino’s. The company, which also makes whey protein, lactose, and sweet whey is the leading exporter of lactose.

Leprino supplies cheese to about 85% of the US pizza market. It sells around one billion pounds of cheese every year making an estimated $3 billion in annual sales.

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6. Pat Stryker


Net worth: $3.1 billion

Source of wealth: Medical equipment

Global rank: #984

Residence: Fort Collins, Colorado

Age: 66

With a net worth of $3.1 billion, Pat Stryker is the richest woman in The Centennial State. She’s also the 53rd wealthiest woman in the States and one of the 2,668 billionaires in the world. The billionaire is a heir to the fortune of Stryker Corporation, a maker of medical equipment founded by her grandfather in 1941.

Pat Stryker dropped out of the University of Northern Colorado. In 2001 she founded the Bohemian Foundation, through which she has donated over $200 million. Her sister, Ronda Stryker and brother Jon Stryker are also billionaires.

7. Kenneth Tuchman

Net worth: $2.8 billion

Source of wealth: Call centers

Global rank: #1096

Residence: Denver, Colorado

Age: 62

He has a net worth of $2.8 billion, making him one of the richest people in Colorado. Tuchman is the founder, CEO, and majority owner of the call center outsourcing giant TTEC, which he founded in 1982 after his personal frustration with the way businesses handled their customer service.

The billionaire dropped out of college where he was studying to be an architect. TTEC generates more than $1.9 billion in revenues every year and has operations in about 19 countries.

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8. Cargill MacMillan III

Net worth: $1.6 billion

Source of wealth: Cargill

Global rank: #1818

Residence: Boulder, Colorado

Age: 62

He’s one of 12 billionaire heirs to Cargill, the world’s largest agriculture business. His great-great-grandfather, William Wallace Cargill started the business in 1865 as a single grain warehouse. The Cargill family is one of the wealthiest families in the United States with a total fortune of over $47 billion and owns about 90% of the company. Some of Cargill’s operations include import and export of grains as well as other agricultural products.

9. William MacMillan

Net worth: $1.6 billion

Source of wealth: Cargill

Global rank: #1818

Residence: Englewood, Colorado

Age: 68

William MacMillan is one of the richest people in Colorado with a fortune of $1.6 billion. His wealth comes from stakes in Cargill, the largest agriculture business on the planet. Last year Forbes ranked the company as the largest private corporation in the United States by revenue (134 billion). The Cargill family pockets about 18% of the business’s net profits as dividends every year.

The company is mainly involved in the purchase and distribution of grains and other agricultural products. It accounts for about 25% of all the grains exported from the United States and provides meat to about 22% of the country’s meat market.

10. Gary Magness


Net worth: $1.4 billion

Source of wealth: Cable TV, investments

Global rank: #2076

Residence: Denver, Colorado

Age: 68

Although he dropped out of Western State College of Colorado, Gary Magness is one of the richest people in Colorado, thanks to the fortune he inherited from his father. His father, Bob founded the cable company TCI which was acquired by AT&T in 1999 for $48 billion.

Together with his wife Sarah, the Texas native also runs Smokewood Entertainment, a film production company that has produced the films Precious (2009), Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer (2011), and Crazy Kind of Love (2013) among others. The billionaire also has investments in real estate, oil, and gas.

11. Thomas Bailey

Net worth: $1.2 billion

Source of wealth: Money management

Global rank: #2324

Residence: Aspen, Colorado

Age: 85

Bailey is the founder of Janus Capital Group, one of the largest mutual funds in America. The billionaire served as the CEO and president of the institution from 1970 to 2002. In 2017 Janus merged with Henderson Group to form Janus Henderson.

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