The 15 richest people in Nevada 2022

The Silver State has about 16 members of the three-comma club — which represents about 2.1% of the total number of billionaire residents in the United States. This is according to the 2022 rankings of the world’s richest people by Forbes. Below is a list of the 15 richest people in Nevada and how they made their fortunes.

15. Sehat Sutardja

Net worth$1.3 billion
Source of wealthSemiconductors
Global rank#2190
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

Sehat is the former chief executive of Marvell Technology Group, a semiconductor company he cofounded in 1995 with his wife Weili Dai and brother Pantas Sutardja from his kitchen. The Indonesian native was already a certified radio repair technician at age 13 and moved to the United States in 1980 to acquire his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

The billionaire — who has been at the helm of the company since its founding — was forced to step down in 2016 to pave way for an internal accounting investigation. The scrutiny, however, found no fraud.

13. William Foley, II

Net worth$1.4 billion
Source of wealthFinancial services
Global rank#2076
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

William Foley has a net worth of $1.4 billion and is one of the richest people in Nevada. Foley chairs Fidelity National Financial, a provider of title insurance and settlement services to the mortgage and real estate sectors. He bought the company in 1984 at a time when it was struggling and brought it back on its feet.

The billionaire also has investments in golf courses, fast food restaurants, hotels, and steak houses. In 2016 he bought the Vegas Golden Knights professional ice hockey team for $500 million. Foley is a former attorney and US Air Force Lieutenant. Fidelity National Financial is a Fortune 500 company.

13. Weili Dai

Net worth$1.4 billion
Source of wealthSemiconductors
Global rank#2076
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

According to Forbes, Weili is the 21st wealthiest self-made woman in America in 2022. She co-founded the semiconductor company Marvell Technology together with her husband Sehat Sutardja in 1995 from their kitchen.

Dai served as the firm’s president until 2016 when she and Sehat were ousted to allow for an internal accounting investigation — that after completion, found no evidence of fraud. Dai was born in Shanghai, China, and immigrated to the US at age 17. The couple moved to Las Vegas in 2017 after leaving Marvell and have been investing in technology and real estate.

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12.  Elaine Wynn

Net worth$1.8 billion
Source of wealthCasinos, hotels
Global rank#1645
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

She’s one of the richest people in Nevada and the 17th wealthiest self-made woman in the United States right now. Elaine is the largest shareholder of Wynn Resorts holding an estimated 9% stake worth close to $2 billion. Until 2018, her ex-husband Steve Wynn was the largest shareholder with a 12% stake. He sold all his shares in 2018 after allegations of sexual involvement with employees.

Wynn Resorts operates luxury hotels and casinos. It was founded by Elaine and Steve Wynn in 2000. The former couple also founded Mirage Resorts in 1976 which they sold to MGM Grand in 2000. Elaine is also an art collector and philanthropist. She lives in the Southern Highlands Golf Club.

11. Phil Ruffin

Net worth$2 billion
Source of wealthCasinos, real estate
Global rank#1513
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

He dropped out of Wichita State University and began selling hamburgers, then used the profits to buy convenience stores. He then started acquiring real estate, buying hotels, strip malls, and office parks.

Phil owns half of the Trump International Las Vegas hotel together with his business partner Donald Trump. He also owns the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino — both in Las Vegas. Trump was Phil’s best man in 2008 when he married Ukrainian model Oleksandra Nikolayenko. According to Forbes, the billionaire donated $1.5 million towards the 2020 Donald Trump presidential campaign.

10. Bill Boyd & family

Net worth$2.3 billion
Source of wealthCasinos, hotels
Global rank#1341
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

He’s the world’s 16th wealthiest billionaire in the casino industry and one of the richest people in the state of Nevada. This is according to the 2022 rankings of the world’s richest people by Forbes. Bill co-founded the Boyd Gaming Corporation with his father Sam Boyd in 1975.

The company owns close to 30 properties in several states with over 10,000 hotel rooms, over 1.6 million square feet of casino space, 31,000 slot machines, and more than 600 table games. Bill owns about 17% of the corporation and serves as its executive chairman.

9. Fatih Ozmen

Net worth$2.5 billion
Source of wealthAerospace
Global rank#1238
ResidenceReno, Nevada

Together with his wife, Ozmen co-owns the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), a private company usually contracted by NASA, the United States Armed Forces, and other private spaceflight firms for aircraft modifications and integration as well as the installation of space components, technology, and systems.

The billionaire joined the company as an engineering intern in 1981 and went on to buy it in 1994 when it had only 20 employees. He used his home as collateral to get the loan that he used to finance the buyout.

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6. Eren Ozmen

Eren Ozmen and his husband Fatih Ozmen. The couple owns the aerospace and defense contractor Sierra Nevada Corporation
Net worth$2.6 billion
Source of wealthAerospace
Global rank#1196
ResidenceReno, Nevada

Eren owns the majority of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), an American defense and aerospace contractor that serves the United States Armed Forces, NASA, and private spaceflight corporations. Together with her husband Fatih Ozmen, Eren used their house as collateral to acquire the company in 1994 when it only had 20 employees. Today it has more than 30 locations in the US and three other countries with more than 5,000 workers. Eren also serves as its chair and president.

The billionaire and his husband also run the venture capital firm Ozmen Ventures, which they founded in 2017.

6. Lorenzo Fertitta

Net worth$2.6 billion
Source of wealthCasinos, mixed martial arts
Global rank#1196
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

Lorenzo is the former chief executive of the American mixed martial arts promotion company Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and one of the richest people in Nevada. The billionaire and his brother Frank bought UFC in 2001 for $2 million and sold it in 2016 for $4 billion. Lorenzo also inherited stakes in Red Rock Resorts, a casino company started by his father. He also chairs Fertitta Capital, a private investment firm launched by him and his brother in 2017.

6. Frank Fertitta, III

Frank Fertitta (right) and his brother Lorenzo Fertitta (left)
Net worth$2.6 billion
Source of wealthCasinos, mixed martial arts
Global rank#1196
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

Frank and his brother Lorenzo Fertitta owned the Ultimate Fighting Championship from 2001 when they bought it for $2 million to 2017 when they sold it for about $4 billion. Frank and his brother now own and run the casino companies Station Casinos and Red Rock Resorts which were founded by their late father Frank Fertitta Jr.

The billionaire and his wife donated $721,000 towards the 2020 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Frank and his brother Lorenzo are some of the state’s largest donors to Republican candidates having contributed over $9.5 million each between 2009 and 2020.

5. Andrew & Peggy Cherng

Net worth$3.2 billion
Source of wealthRestaurants
Global rank#951
ResidenceHenderson, Nevada

In 1966 Andrew Cherng moved to the US from Japan where he lived with his family as his father worked as a chef. He joined Baker University where he met Peggy who would later become his wife. After earning his master’s degree in applied mathematics in 1972 Andrew and his wife started their first Chinese restaurant in 1973.

Today he runs the Panda Restaurant Group which operates over 2,000 Chinese restaurants across the United States, Dubai, South Korea, Mexico, and even Canada. In 2018 the couple bought the former Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas for about $214 million. They also own a beachfront property in Honolulu which they acquired back in 2015 for $15.2 million.

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4. Nancy Walton Laurie

Net worth$8.1 billion
Source of wealthWalmart
Global rank#275
ResidenceHenderson, Nevada

She’s the 12th wealthiest woman in the United States with a net worth of $8.1 billion. Nancy’s fortune comes from her stake in Walmart, which she inherited from her late father Bud Walton. Bud is the brother of Sam Walton, who founded Walmart. Nancy’s older sister Ann Walton Kroenke is also a billionaire. Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and the largest company by revenue globally.

The billionaire and her husband Bill Laurie also own homes in Columbia, Missouri, and Bel Air, California as well as commercial real estate. They have two yachts. Nancy is the second wealthiest woman in the Silver State.

3. Jay Chaudhry

Net worth$11.4 billion
Source of wealthSecurity software
Global rank#171
ResidenceReno, Nevada

Jay is an Indian-American technology entrepreneur and the founder of the cybersecurity firm Zscaler. The billionaire founded the company in 2008 and took it public in 2018. He owns about 42% of the firm, where he serves as the chief executive.

Before starting Zscaler, Jay had founded four other technology companies. In 1996 Jay and his wife quit their jobs and used their savings to found their first startup, SecureIT, a cybersecurity firm. Chaudhry then founded CoreHarbor, AirDefense, and CipherTrust. The billionaire is one of the richest people in Nevada.

2. David Duffield

Net worth$12.9 billion
Source of wealthBusiness software
Global rank#142
ResidenceIncline Village, Nevada

He’s the richest man in the Silver State with a fortune of $12.9 billion. David co-founded the financial management and human resource companies Workday and Peoplesoft. The latter was acquired by Oracle in 2005 for $10.7 billion. He now serves as the chairman emeritus at Workday. David founded both firms after the age of 40. The billionaire also founded the application software companies Integral Systems and Information Associates. He worked at IBM before leaving to launch his first startup.

1. Miriam Adelson

Miriam Adelson with her husband Sheldon Adelson who died in 2021 at the age of 87. The couple donated $180 million to the 2020 presidential campaign of Donald Trump
Net worth$27.5 billion
Source of wealthCasinos
Global rank#50
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

Miriam is the richest person in Nevada, the 5th wealthiest woman in America, and the world’s 7th richest female. The billionaire owns more than half of the American resort and casino corporation Las Vegas Sands. Her husband Sheldon Adelson founded Las Vegas Sands in 1988. Miriam inherited his stake in the company after his death in 2021. The couple donated $180 million to the 2020 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.  Miriam is also the richest Israeli in the world.

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