Here are the 25 Highest Paid Celebrities in the World

In 2020, Forbes listed the top 100 highest paid celebrities in the world. These celebrities are spread across different occupations including sports, music, acting among others.

However these celebrities also take home good sums of money from endorsements. Companies use these celebs to market their brands in the hope that they will increase their sales or get more customers.

This article lists these 100 highest paid celebrities according to Forbes.

25. Drake

Pay: $75 Million

Occupation: Musician

Age: 33

Country: Canada

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Drake is one of the world’s richest rappers. With more than 170 million records sold globally, Drake is also one of the best-selling musicians.

In 2016, he became the global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors of the NBA.

Drake has won numerous musical awards such as 6 American Music Awards and 4 Grammy Awards. He holds records such as the most time (431 weeks) on the Billboard Hot 100.

Drake is also an actor having featured in the tv series Degrassi: The Next Generation where he initially gained recognition.

24. Chris Hemsworth

Pay: $76.4 Million

Occupation: Actor

Age: 36

Country: Australia

Lives in: Byron Bay, Australia

Chris Hemsworth is an actor from Australia. He’s the 2nd highest paid actor after Dwayne Johnson. He has featured in films such as the 2019 Avengers: Endgame, Extraction (2020) as well as Star Trek (2009).

23. Stephen Curry

Pay: $79.8 Million

Occupation: Basketball player

Age: 32

Country: U.S

Lives in: Atherton, California


He’s the 2nd best paid basketball player, the 9th highest paid athlete and one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. Curry is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA and has won 3 NBA championships with the Warriors.

Stephen is considered one of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA. He has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player twice.

22. Ellen DeGeneres

Pay: $80.5 Million

Occupation: tv host

Age: 62

Country: U.S

Lives in: Santa Barbara, California

Ellen is an American tv personality, comedian, actress, producer and author. Since 2003, she hosts a talk show called The Ellen Show.

Last year she was ranked the 63rd self-made woman in America by Forbes. Ellen is gay and is married to Portia de Rossi after their engagement in 2008.

Ellen also has her own lifestyle brand named ED Ellen DeGeneres which includes home, baby and pet items as well as accessories, shoes and apparel.

Ellen owns Eleveneleven, a record company and also owns A Very Good Production, a production firm. She has written four books.

20. Beyonce Knowles

Pay: $81 Million

Occupation: Musician

Age: 38

Country: U.S

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Beyonce is tied at position 20 together with husband Jay-Z in the list of the world’s highest paid celebrities. Last year, Forbes ranked the top 100 self-made women in America. Beyonce features in the list at number 51.

With $81 in annual earnings, Beyonce is one of the most successful music artists. She has sold more than 100 million records across the globe and has been nominated on numerous awards.

In 2014, she became the best paid black singer in history. In 2015 and 2017, Forbes named her the most powerful woman in entertainment.

20. Jay-Z

Pay: $81 Million

Occupation: Sports Agent

Age: 50

Country: U.S

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

jay-z with wife Beyonce Knowles

Jay-Z is the owner and founder of Roc Nation Sports, a sports management company. The company acts as an agent for sportsmen and women. Some of its clients include Kevin Durant, Todd Gurley, Robinson Cano, Rusney Castillo, and Kyrie Irving.

In 2019, Jay-Z became the first billionaire in hip hop. In 2020, he was ranked the 1990th richest person in the world by Forbes.

Jay-z is the world’s richest rapper.

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19. Elton John

Pay: $84 Million

Occupation: Musician

Age: 73

Country: England

Lives in: Old Windsor, United Kingdom

He is one of the best-selling music artists having sold over 300 million records worldwide.

From 1976 to 1987, Elton was the owner of Watford football Club.

18. Rush Limbaugh

Pay: $87 Million

Occupation: Radio host

Age: 69

Country: U.S

Lives in: Palm Beach, Florida

Rush is well known for hosting his own radio Show, The Rush Limbaugh show. He’s the 2nd highest paid radio host, after Howard Stern.

In December last year, Talkers Magazine approximated that The Rush Limbaugh Show has a weekly audience of 15.5 million listeners. This makes it the radio show that’s most listened to in the United States.

Rush is also a writer, political analyst and former tv host. He has an estimated net worth of over $500 million.

17. LeBron James

Pay: $89 Million

Occupation: Basketball player

Age: 35

Country: U.S

Lives in: Los Angeles, California


LeBron James is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He’s a power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Some of his career achievements include 2 Olympic gold medals, 4 NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player) Awards and 3 NBA championships. James owns Uninterrupted (a media company) as well as Spring Hill Entertainment (a production company).

16. Aaron Rodgers

Pay: $89.3 Million

Occupation: Footballer

Age: 36

Country: U.S

Lives in: Del Mar, California


With $80.3 million in salaries and $9 million in endorsements, Rodgers is the 7th best-paid athlete and one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. He is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the NFL.

Aaron is the career passer rating leader in the history of NFL with 102.4. He’s one of 2 quarterbacks to have a regular-season career passer rating of more than 100.

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15. Dwayne Johnson

Pay: $89.4 Million

Occupation: Actor

Age: 48

Country: U.S

Lives in: Miami, Florida

If you never saw The Rock in the WWE, you have probably seen him in a movie. He’s an American-Canadian actor, retired professional wrestler, businessman, producer and a former professional football player.

Dwayne is one of the highest-grossing box-office actors of all time. His films have grossed more than $10 billion globally and over 3 billion in North America.

The Rock is 6 ft 5 in and weighs 118 kg. He is the highest paid actor in the world and has 183 million followers on Instagram.

14. Russell Wilson

Pay: $89.5 Million

Occupation: Footballer

Age: 31

Country: U.S

Lives in: Bellevue, Washington


Russell Wilson is a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. In 2019, Russell became the highest paid player in the NFL. This was after he extended his contract with the Seahawks in a four-year $140 million deal.

In the 2013-14 season, Russell Wilson led Seahawks to their first and only Super Bowl championship.

Russell gets $9 Million from endorsements and has an annual salary of $80.5 Million. He is one of the highest paid celebrities on the planet.

13. J.K. Rowling

Pay: $92 Million

Occupation: Author

Age: 54

Country: England

Lives in: Edinburgh, U.K

She is the highest paid author in 2020 and one of the world’s highest paid celebrities. Rowling is also a humanitarian, screenwriter, tv producer and film producer.

She’s best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series. The series has sold over half a billion copies worldwide and has won numerous awards.

With more than £230 million in sales, Rowling is best-selling living writer in the U.K. In the 2019 Rich List by Sunday Times, she was ranked the 191st wealthiest individual in the United Kingdom.

12. Howard Stern

Pay: $93 Million

Occupation: Radio host

Age: 66

Country: U.S

Lives in: New York

Howard is the highest paid radio personality in the world. He hosts the Howard Stern Show at Sirius XM, a New York City-based broadcasting company.

Stern is the 1st radio host to have the number one morning show in Los Angeles and New York City concurrently. He has the record of the highest fined radio host. Between 1990 and 2004, the Federal Communications Commission issued fines of $2.5 million for offensive content from the Howard Stern Show.

Howard is also an author. From 2012 to 2015, he was a judge on the talent show, America’s Got Talent.

11. Roger Federer

Pay: $93.4 Million

Occupation: Tennis Player

Age: 38

Country: Switzerland

Lives in: Valbella, Switzerland


He is the highest paid tennis player in the world. Most of his earnings come from endorsements from companies such as Rolex, Mercedes-Benz and Uniqlo. The tennis player takes home $86 million from endorsements every year.

Roger currently has a 10-year, $300 million deal with Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese Casual wear manufacturer, designer and retailer.

In his career, Federer has won more than $129 million in prize money. He’s the second all-time leader in earnings after Novak Djokovic.

10. Canelo Alvarez

Pay: $94 Million

Occupation: Professional boxer

Age: 29

Country: Mexico

Lives in: San Diego, California, U.S


Canelo is a Mexican professional boxer. He’s the highest paid athlete in boxing and one of the world’s highest paid celebrities.

Canelo has held the WBC, lineal middleweight, The Ring, and the Unified WBA (Super) titles since 2018.

He has a boxing record of 56 total fights, 53 wins (36 wins by KO), 2 draws, and has lost in one fight.

As of 2020, Canelo Alvarez is ranked the world’s best active boxer, pound for pound, by BoxRec, the Boxing Writers Association of America, the TBRB, and The Ring.

9. Dr. Phil McGraw

Pay: $95 Million

Occupation: Tv host

Age: 69

Country: U.S

Lives in: Los Angeles, California, U.S

Dr. Phil hosts the Dr. Phil talk show. He’s also an author and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. The show premiered in 2002 and currently has 17 seasons and is expected to run until 2023.

Phil McGraw first acquired celebrity status after appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the late 1990s.

8. The Eagles

Pay: $100 Million

Occupation: Rock Band

Age: _

Country: U.S

The Eagles are an American rock band whose members are Deacon Frey, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Vince Gill. The band was formed in 1971.

The Eagles are one of the best-selling bands in the world. They have sold over 200 million records worldwide. In their portfolio are 6 Grammy Awards, 6 number-one albums, 5 number-one singles and 5 American Music Awards.

7. Neymar

Pay: $105 Million

Occupation: Soccer Player

Age: 28

Country: Brazil

Lives in: Sao Paulo, Brazil


Neymar is the 3rd most popular athlete on social media with 138 million followers on Instagram. He’s a forward for PSG and is regarded one of the world’s best dribblers in football.

Neymar holds the world record for the most expensive transfer in history. PSG paid Barcelona $263 million to acquire Neymar.

In 2017, the Time magazine named Neymar one of the top 100 world’s most influential people.

Neymar is the third highest paid athlete and soccer player in the world. He’s a father of one.

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6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Pay: $109 Million

Occupation: Soccer Player

Age: 35

Country: Portugal

Lives in: Turin, Italy

Ronaldo is one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. He’s also one of the world’s best footballers and one of the highest earning Instagram influencers.

With 218 million followers on Instagram, Ronaldo pockets roughly $975, 000 for every Instagram post.

The Juventus forward takes home $109 Million in salary and endorsements. He is the 2nd highest paid athlete and soccer player in the world.

Ronaldo owns the record for the highest goal scorer in the UEFA Champions League, with 128 goals. He is a father of four.

5. Ed Sheeran

Pay: $110 Million

Occupation: Musician

Age: 29

Country: England

Lives in: London, England

With over 150 million records sold globally, Ed Sheeran is one of the best-selling singers in the world. He’s also one of England’s and the world’s highest paid celebrities.

One of the most famous songs by Ed Sheeran is the “Shape of You” which was the first song to hit 2 billion streams on Spotify. The video song has more than 4.7 billion views on YouTube and is the 3rd most-watched video on YouTube.

In 2019, Forbes named Ed Sheeran one of the world’s top 30 under 30.

4. Lionel Messi

Pay: $127

Occupation: Soccer Player

Age: 32

Country: Argentina

Lives in: Castelldefels, Spain


Lionel Messi is a name well known to any fan of football. He’s the best footballer in the world. Messi, who plays for Barcelona, takes home $127 million annually. He has a $92 million salary at Barca and earns more than $35 million from endorsements.

Messi has received FIFA’s Player of the Year award 5 times. He holds the records for:

  • Most hat-tricks in La Liga (36)
  • Most hat-tricks in the UEFA Champions League (8)
  • Most assists in La Liga (181)

As of 2019, Messi is the highest paid athlete and soccer player in the world.

3. Kanye West

Pay: $150 Million

Occupation: Musician, businessman

Age: 42

Country: U.S

Lives in: Los Angeles, California, U.S

Kanye West is one of the world’s highest paid celebrities. He’s an American fashion designer and rapper. West owns the Yeezy brand of sneakers. In 2019, the brand had $1.3 billion in sales.

Kanye dropped out of Chicago State University. As of 2020, he had an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion, according to Forbes business magazine.

Kanye West has sold more than 140 million records globally and is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

2. Kylie Jenner

Pay: $170 Million

Occupation: Media personality, businesswoman, Socialite

Age: 22

Country: U.S

Lives in: Hidden Hills, California, U.S


At just 22, Kylie Jenner is the second highest paid celebrity in the world. She is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, a cosmetics & beauty products company that operates in the U.S.

In 2019, she sold 51% of the company to Coty Inc. for $600 million. Since 2019, Jenner has been the youngest billionaire in the world with a fortune of $1 billion. She’s the world’s 1990th wealthiest person according to Forbes.

1. Taylor Swift

Pay: $185 Million

Occupation: Musician

Age: 30

Country: U.S

Lives in: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S

The highest paid celebrity in the world is Taylor Swift. She’s an American musician and songwriter. Swift has sold over 150 million singles and 50 million albums globally. She has 6 Guinness World Records which include:

  • Highest annual earnings for a musician,
  • Highest annual earnings for a celebrity
  • Most American Music Awards won by a female artist
  • Most streams on Spotify in one year for a female musician

Taylor swift has 132 million followers on Instagram. She has an estimated net worth of $360 million.

Below is the full list of the 100 world’s highest paid celebrities.

26. Kim Kardashian West —  $72 M

27. Ryan Seacrest —  $71.5 M

28. Sean Combs —  $70 M

28. James Patterson —  $70 M

30. Metallica —  $68.5 M

31. Robert Downey Jr. —  $66 M

32. Kevin Durant —  $65.4 M

33. Akshay Kumar —  $65 M

34. Tiger Woods —  $63.9 M

35. Gordon Ramsay —  $63 M

36. Rihanna —  $62 M

37. David Copperfield —  $60 M

38. Kevin Hart —  $59 M

39. Jackie Chan —  $58 M

39. Travis Scott —  $58 M

41. Katy Perry —  $57.5 M

41. Justin Timberlake —  $57.5 M

43. BTS —  $57 M

43. Bradley Cooper —  $57 M

43. Pink —  $57 M

43. Adam Sandler —  $57 M

47. Scarlett Johansson —  $56 M

48. Ben Roethlisberger —  $55.5 M

49. Lewis Hamilton —  $55 M

49. Anthony Joshua —  $55 M

49. Khalil Mack —  $55 M

52. Russell Westbrook —  $53.7 M

53. Billy Joel —  $52 M

54. Bruno Mars —  $51.5 M

55. Novak Djokovic —  $50.6 M

55. Mike Trout —  $50.6 M

57. Jimmy Buffett —  $50 M

57. Eminem —  $50 M

59. Fleetwood Mac —  $49 M

59. Judy Sheindlin —  $49 M

61. Phil Mickelson —  $48.4 M

62. Ariana Grande —  $48 M

62. Paul McCartney —  $48 M

64. James Harden —  $47.7 M

65. Conor McGregor —  $47 M

66. DeMarcus Lawrence —  $46.9 M

67. Sean Hannity —  $46 M

67. The Chainsmokers —  $46 M

69. Steve Harvey —  $45 M

70. Bryce Harper —  $44.5 M

71. Guns N’ Roses —  $44 M

72. Chris Paul —  $43.8 M

73. Chris Evans —  $43.5 M

74. Kyrie Irving —  $43.3 M

75. Giannis Antetokounmpo —  $43.2 M

76. Jennifer Lopez —  $43 M

76. Sofia Vergara —  $43 M

78. Luke Bryan —  $42.5 M

79. Drew Brees —  $42.4 M

80. Simon Cowell —  $42 M

81. Aaron Donald —  $41.4 M

82. Damian Lillard —  $41.1 M

83. Paul Rudd —  $41 M

83. Jerry Seinfield —  $41 M

83. Rolling Stones —  $41 M

86. Sebastian Vettel —  $40.3 M

87. DJ Khaled —  $40 M

87. Marshmello —  $40 M

87. The Weeknd —  $40 M

90. Lady Gaga —  $39.5 M

91. Blake Griffin —  $39.1 M

92. Dave Matthews Band —  $39 M

93. Rory Mcllroy —  $39 M

94. Paul George —  $38.6 M

95. Zac Brown Band —  $38.5 M

95. Calvin Harris —  $38.5 M

95. Kendrick Lamar —  $38.5 M

98. Brandin Cooks —  $38 M

98. Shawn Mendes —  $38 M

100. Celine Dion —  $37.5 M

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